Broaching the Idea of Moving to a Senior Living Facility

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Thinking about the next step in your retirement? Are your aging parents thinking about a move to a retirement community?  Do your adult children have concerns about you aging in your home?

The prospect of moving into a retirement community can trigger many emotions in seniors as well as their adult children. Some elders and their adult children may feel happy, excited, anxious, and reluctant about making a change.  People often are immobilized by the fear of giving up their independence, talking about their own mortality, and the anxiety around moving out of the home they have lived in for so many years. Adult children are sometimes sad to think of their childhood home being sold.

Both seniors and adult children of aging parents should consider broaching the subject of a move into a retirement community slowly and letting hesitant loved ones come to terms about moving on their own. Talking about the challenges the elder adult faces in his or her current living situation like house maintenance, snow removal, or even just steep stairs in the house, may better help to persuade an elderly family member.  Also, having parents speak openly and honestly with their adult children about the benefits of a retirement community can help ease the transition for the entire family.

An elder law attorney at North Shore Elder Law & Estate Planning can help discuss the options available for elders, make sure their legal documents are in order and can help ease family tensions as the subject of moving to a retirement community is broached. Contact us at