Elder Law

As an elder law attorney I specialize in assisting seniors with the unique challenges facing them. My elder law practice encompasses the range of services people need to plan for their senior years and to navigate through that time in life. My services can take you from basic estate planning, to navigating the complexities of MassHealth (Medicaid) regulations, to asset protection planning – which focuses on preserving clients’ assets from their long-term care costs. I help plan for a family member with special needs as well as complete MassHealth applications and appeals. In addition, I petition courts for guardianship and conservatorships and provide advocacy for nursing home residents’ rights.

Although I have a special sensitivity for legal issues that affect the elderly, my practice is not age-limited as I also work with clients under 65 who have long-term care needs similar to those of the elderly. In addition, I work with young and middle-aged adults who require legal advice in connection with the care of their aging family members.

Whether you want to plan ahead for long-term care costs or need immediate assistance as your loved one enters a nursing home, I have the experience to provide you with the assistance you need and the compassion to make you feel that you are in good hands.